Saskatchewan History Online

Saskatchewan History Online:
Saskatchewan History Online (SHO) was a collaborative initiative of the Ministry of Education, Saskatchewan Digital Alliance, Multitype Library Board, and the University of Saskatchewan. The project identified, preserved, and provided access to Saskatchewan cultural, historical and/or aboriginal records, documents, artefacts and other resources.

SHO expanded upon the model of multitype collaborative digitization developed to date in Saskatchewan, including The Saskatchewan War Experience. This initiative provided a digitization learning experience for participants, significantly expanded the digitization of Saskatchewan information resources, and stimulated partnerships across institution types.

The initiative:

  • increased digitization capacity province-wide
  • created a collaborative, inclusive digitization model/design
  • achieved a broad range of digitized content and format selection
  • achieved a cost-effective, equitable and open infrastructure management/design
  • provided quality assurance and integrity
  • achieved an addictive user experience
  • achieved strong awareness and communication


Other Saskatchewan Digitization Projects

The Saskatchewan War Experience
The SDA led a directed digitization project that assisted Saskatchewan libraries, archives, museums and other organizations in digitizing collections in any format (photos, documents, published materials, sound and film) that related to the project theme The Saskatchewan War Experience.  It included military action that Saskatchewan residents participated in as well as life on the ‘home front'.

Our Legacy
Our Legacy was a co-operative initiative among several of Saskatchewan's publicly-accessible archives. It includes material relating to First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples, found in Saskatchewan cultural and heritage collections.

Saskatchewan's Visual Arts
Saskatchewan's visual arts are celebrated in this innovative, online, archival exhibit. Developed by the University of Regina Archives and Special Collections, this exhibit explores the significant link between the creation of the Saskatchewan Arts Board in 1948 and the artistic initiative experienced post 1950.