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Multitype Library Board

About the MLB

The Multitype Library Board was established under the 1996 The Libraries Co-operation Act to facilitate the cooperative development of the multitype library system in Saskatchewan. It provides a forum for appointed representatives of all library sectors in Saskatchewan to meet and discuss ways in which libraries can cooperate to share resources and services.

A multitype library system is a network of working relationships, between any combination of autonomous libraries and information providers, established to share services and resources for mutual benefits.

The purpose of the multitype library system is to support communities in their access to affordable, quality information services.

  • Community means a community of interest as well as a geographic area.
  • The nature of the network of working relationships is to facilitate sharing across jurisdictional, institutional, and political boundaries.
  • Working relationships may include formal and informal agreements, protocols, services, funding, standards, and structures.
  • The partners in this multitype library system include public, school, special and post-secondary education libraries as well as other information providers and the Provincial Library and Literacy Office.

Libraries Co-operation Act

Libraries Co-operation Honoraria Regulations