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What is a Guide in LibGuides?

A Guide can be thought of as a mini-website. You can create guides on any topic, for any purpose. You can create as many Guides as you want - there are not limits to the number of guides in the system. Don't be shy. Share you knowledge with others and point them to useful resources and information within your library and on the Internet.

Structure of Guides?

Your Guides consist of pages, and each page is represented by a tab (or a subtab, i.e. a 2nd level tab). When you create a new Guide the "Home" page/tab is automatically created for you. You add pages/tabs by going to Command Bar -> Add/Edit Pages -> Add New Page.

You add content to a guide by putting content boxes inside a page/tab. So, the hierarchy goes something like this: Guide -> Pages -> Content Boxes -> Stuff you enter inside the content box (could be text, links, podcasts, rss feeds, videos, polls, widgets, etc.)


Access to this resource is restricted to subscribing institutions.

Training and Promotions

Springshare has several help features to get libraries started. The help page can be found at: There are help features on CampusGuides, CommunityGuides, LibAnswers, and LibGuides.

There is a training calendar listing dates and times for online training sessions.

The training modules are created and distributed through the same platform that the guides are produced. This is an added advantage in that library personnel are exposed to the functionality of the software even before the training regiment begins.